About us

Upon turning 18, a girl who has been fully or partially cared for by publicly funded services is left without continuity, and often without a safety net. She's an adult! She's on her own. Right?


Was your daughter on her own the day she turned 18?  Were you?  


Even if she/you were, chances are you had a family member or responsible adult providing positive influence during the first 18 years and, likely, they were available after you turned 18 to reach out to for help or advice.

It is the calling and commitment of

CeCe's Hope Center to bridge this gap in our communities and fill this void in individual young girls lives.

CeCe's Hope Center (CHC) care will center around call-lines, case management and mentorship.

As resources grow and delivery of services provide up-to-date insight into the greatest needs among those we aim to serve, CHC will expand its scope of programming to continually fill gaps.

To maximize success and make the most efficient use of scarce resources, CHC is committed to partnering and collaborating with community stakeholders to meet the needs of the population served.


CHC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  


Day-to-day operations are overseen and administrated by the CEO and professional staff.


CHC will deliver initial care through call lines and use of community space.  


Housing services will start in the East Valley of Phoenix; growing locally and nationally as we acquire, rent, or arrange use of residential property.


CHC is a

nonprofit 501(c)(3)

tax exempt organization. 


Funding is provided by individual donors, corporations/businesses, faith communities,

civic groups, contracts, and charitable grants.


Participation in

CHC programs is on a voluntary basis.


The women we serve are referred by self-referral, first responders, the justice system, or other service providers.  


CHC is a mission and a ministry.

We are always seeking leaders and resources who share the concern and desire to serve this unexpectedly vulnerable, yet remarkably full of potential, population of young women.

We look forward to hearing from those of you ready to join us as we plant our initial seeds.