We’re Different.

At CeCe’s Hope Center, we offer three programs. Our first program offers help and referrals through a phone call. The second program offers individualized case management to maximize success for young women 18-24 years of age. Our third program, that’s what sets us apart.

Young women who demonstrate a strong desire to change their lives are given a unique opportunity through CeCe’s Hope Center. We offer a specialized program where young women can live safely, on site for up to 9 months. During this time they are provided with assistance in obtaining funding, employment, formal education and real world education. These young women participate in programs such as: Life, Work, School Balance, Banking Basics, Budget and Spending Plan, and Credit. They are provided with a nurturing environment that will allow them to thrive, and exceed their own expectations.

Thank you for supporting our dreams of supporting these young women! You can meet some of these ladies at our 2nd annual Night of Light event. Find out more HERE.

October 2022

We’re Growing.

Our program has grown, and now we are moving into a bigger space!

Night of Light.

Tickets include dinner, access to auction items, balloon raffle, and presentation from keynote speakers such as local law enforcement, survivors, and special guest Bazzel Baz!