At age 15 Lexi was placed in a group home that specialized in recovery for trafficked youth because child services identified her as a victim of sexual trauma. After 3 years at this shelter, she aged out of the state’s system and was enrolled in an “independent living program,” a transitional program for individuals ages 15 years and 10 months – 22 years old, only to get lost in the system. 

Frustrated and overwhelmed, she returned to the only place she knew as home – but moving back in with her biological family led her to drug use encouraged by her parents and siblings. Lexi eventually left with ​a girl who convinced her she would give Lexi shelter.

Lexi shortly learned that moving in with this girl was worse no different than living with her family. In fact, now she had to sell her body and drugs in order maintain a place to live.  

Lexi has been in and out of treatment centers and in prison for three years as a result of a hotel drug bust. Her probation officer and Cece’s case manager are working with her to stabilize her and connect her to services.

Lexi shares that she is ready for a different “norm,” a life that gives hope and doesn’t tear her down. When asked “what do you need?” she simply confesses, “I need someone in my corner to help me understand what happiness could look like, to be drug free, and to no longer sell my body to survive. I don’t know how to get there.”