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Dear Friends and Supporters,

We want to thank our staff, volunteers and board members that have shown their
commitment to getting CeCe's name in front of more and more people. We had two unique events in January, which you can read about below, that provided us with a multitude of opportunities. We were able to make contact with interested
community partners in business and non-profits and create new opportunities for
funding and outreach.


This is especially important as CeCe’s Hope Center is about to take the next big step in our goal of becoming a solution provider for young women who have been sexually exploited or trafficked. We are just a few months away from being able to offer short term housing as part of our tool kit. Partnership is key to our program delivery. There are many organizations that provide life changing, critical services. We were established in order to support those organizations by bridging the gap between demand and availability.


Today, we are focused on making the dream of providing short-term housing, when other options are not available. We welcome your ideas, input, and introductions. Together, our network will help improve the lives of women in our community. We are off to a great 2020, please help us keep up the momentum. Your support this spring will help make this dream
a reality.


Lea Benson CEO/Co-Founder


Rene Lopez Chairman/Co-Founder 


What inspires you about CHC's mission?
CHC saw the need to help these girls and found a way to address a huge problem. For most folks, this undertaking would be too overwhelming, even impossible. But many sacrifices have gone into helping these girls, specifically, this age group, to find necessary resources. As mothers of teenagers, we know that age 18 does not mean a person can make it alone. None of us can make it on our own.
What is one thing you want the community to know about CHC?
The Quillow project is a great representation of CHC. It’s a big warm hug with some of the necessities and resources, ready and waiting to help a girl get back on track. People of all ages and backgrounds lovingly give their time and effort to help.
What is one thing you want the community to know about sex trafficking?
Sex trafficking is an epidemic and affects our whole society whether people know it’s happening or not. the only way to fight this horrible dark shadow is to join together and shed light and love. We refuse to look away!

How can others help spread awareness?
Others can help spread awareness by learning to pay attention and look others in the eyes. If we see something, we can do something about it. We have support from local law enforcement. We can turn this despair into hope.
How can the community connect with CHC and make a greater impact?
Be on the lookout for service opportunities...our monthly Quillow Sewing Party at Bolt's & More brings neighbors, families, and friends together for a few hours. The smiles are huge and the energy is positive because we are making a difference one Quillow at a time. Be creative, make it a fun event for friends, schools, and family. Collecting and assembling hygiene kits is another great way to send love to these girls. Allocate your state tax donation to CHC and precious resources will be made available to make a great impact. Who knows where the light will shine?

Ribbon Cutting
 February 26th, 4:30 pm

459 N Gilbert Rd A-110, Gilbert, AZ 85234

Come out and join CeCe's Hope Center's Ribbon Cutting together with the Chandler & Gilbert Chambers of Commerce.
Learn about our mission.
Find out how community support helps.
Get involved and make a difference. 
Lite bites & beverages will be served.

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Fry's Rewards:
Fry's Community Rewards program makes fund-raising easy...all you have to do is shop online or at your local store and swipe your Loyalty Card and funds will be donated to the organizations of your choosing at no added cost to you. Visit Once logged into your Fry's account you can search for CeCe's Hope Center either by name or RK841 and then click Enroll. New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address, and a rewards card. Customers must have a registered Fry's rewards card account to link to your organization.
*If a member does not yet have a Fry's rewards card, they are available at the customer service desk at any Fry's.

Fry's Rewards Program

We want to celebrate these two special women who embody the heart of our mission. They are truly our cheerleaders. We wanted to find out more about what inspires them to be so dedicated to CeCe's Hope Center.

Ribbon Cutting

Upcoming Events

CECE'S HOPE CENTER IS AN ARIZONA QUALIFIED CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION (QCO), which means your donation of $800, if you file joint, or $400 if you file singe, can be credited towards your state taxes. In other words, you can REDUCE YOUR TAXES OWED, DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR. 


Even better, you can support more than one organization at the full limit for each. For example, a couple filing joint can support a public school up to $400, a foster care organization up to $1,000, plus support a charitable organization like CeCe's (up to $800) and reduce their top line taxes owned by $2,200.

Learn more about Arizona Tax Credits here. Or, simply DONATE NOW and enjoy the benefit April 15th, knowing you are helping changing a life today!


Quillow Sewing at Bolts & More
February 28th & 29th
3133 S Lindsay Rd #107, Gilbert, AZ 85295


Our friends at Bolts and More in Gilbert have been hosting monthly gatherings where individuals can volunteer their sewing skills to build Quillows.
A Quillow is a hygiene kit contained in a blanket, folded into a pillow! 
We coordinate with first responders who are on the streets and likely to encounter women in need of help. The Quillow is an ice breaker and helps the first responder approach the individual in a non-threatening way. They can offer the Quillow, which helps build trust and offer assistance. CeCe's Hope Center's Quillows help get the word out about our services and provide immediate relief at a time when a young woman might feel like she has nowhere to turn. 
If sewing isn't your thing, volunteers also can help collect the hygiene items that go into each Quillow. You can find a list of items HERE as well as drop off locations. Have a hygiene item collection party, invite your friends, share CeCe's mission and have some fun.

To learn more about our events or how to get involved contact

Thank you so much for your part in helping a young woman on her path towards independence.

AZ Tax Credits

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Janie Scholes & Raquel Lines