Case Management

CHC Independence Programing is centered around results driven plans individually designed to help each girl on her own unique path to independence. Support includes a case manager and purpose-matched mentor who together assist the young women in accessing community resources and in meeting her specific goals and objectives. 


The desired program outcome is young women able to experience healing, and gain the confidence and skills necessary to pursue life, purpose and success on their own.


As CHC grows in to its vision, a cornerstone of care will be temporary housing for those who meet eligibility requirements and participate in independence programming.

One of the most challenging aspects of "aging out" of care, and in absence of family, is knowing how to address a most basic thing like shelter.  Where am I going to live? How will I pay for it? How will I qualify?

CHC Housing will not only meet an immediate need by providing a transitional option for shelter, it will provide these women the benefits of living in a nurturing home setting while tackling the other challenges of establishing their independence.

Just-In-Time Call-Line

Phone for immediate (non-emergency) support.

Sometimes the best solution is just having someone to call in the heat of the moment.  Someone who can offer a friendly voice, well thought out advice, and resources.

Mentorship (Life Skills)

Many of us are able to create, recognize, or seize life's advantageous opportunities, not because of the things we learned in school books, while earning degrees or practicing our talents, but because we have "life skills."

We have learned through social exposure, experience, and modeled responses how to act and react in a way that translates to positive and appropriate outcomes.


The ladies we serve have usually mastered more "street smarts" than "life skills."   

Mentorship includes formal and informal training to develop and practice social and self-sufficiency skills.